Get the most out of your Phone System

With changes in staff and years of use, knowledge on how to use your phone system to the fullest can be lost. This can result in frustration and a lack of confidence in your own equipment. Retraining staff on your phone system, even as a refresher, can help improve the efficiency of workers, lower customer wait times and help eliminate errors such as dropped calls.

ComsPlus has a certified Trainer who is able to help your business on every aspect of your system, from the handsets on your desk to the box on the wall. Training can be completed in one-on-one, small group or Train the Trainer sessions, and is tailored to your business' specific needs.

Support documents can also be supplied, providing you with the tools to train new employees in the future.

What systems can we train on?

ComsPlus has technicians and trainers skilled in popular telephony brands including:

ShoreTel, NEC, Panasonic, Alcatel-Luicent, Jabra, Polycom
and many more!

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