ShoreTel: Brilliantly Simple Communication

ShoreTel started with a simple idea: "There has got to be a better way!"
Selecting the best communications solution for your business had previously been an area that left even the best IT managers scratching their heads. ShoreTel decided to change that, and created a streamlined alternative to traditional PBX system using IP networking and creating a user friendly interface at every point of contact.

The result of this creation is a Unified Communications offering that allows its users to communicate how they want, when they and want and from wherever they want. Integration of popular applications like Microsoft office makes conference scheduling, phone meetings and quick dialing from your PC is easier than ever.

ComsPlus and ShoreTel have partnered to install systems in many Government

City of Subiaco

ShoreTel Case Study

Read how ComsPlus and ShoreTel were able to help the City of Subiaco meet their customer service goals and reduce their overhead costs. Click here to read more

ShoreTel Connect Cloud

Shoretel Connect Cloud is the latest evolution of ShoreTel’s UC Solution. Its a true end-to-end communications solution – from IP phones, to operating software, to data centre, to customer service. Being fully hosted and managed, your IT resources can focus on other strategic projects inside your business.

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ShoreTel Mobility

In today's 24/7 world, putting powerful business communication and collaboration tools in the hands of the workforce is essential to staying competitive. ShoreTel Connect Collaboration harnesses the power and flexibility of brilliantly simple technologies to deliver full-featured collaboration tools – including instant messaging, audio conferencing, and multi-presenter desktop sharing.

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