Take Your Office With You With ShoreTel Mobility

Need to make staying in touch more convenient for employees when they're out of the office? Wish your employees didn't give out their personal phone numbers for company business? ShoreTel Mobility puts desk phone features on all popular smartphones and tablets so your employees can stay in touch professionally no matter where they go. You can even find ShoreTel Mobility on the Apple Watch.

ShoreTel Mobility is designed to extend your businesses Unified Communications (UC) Applications to smartphones, tablets and wearable devices so workers can achieve maximum productivity anywhere, anytime. The result? A more engaged, connected and responsive workforce which increases your teams professionalism, sales and service capabilities.

Compatible Devices

  • Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Apple: iOS 8.0 and up
    iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch
  • Please check with your individual phone for compatibility with the ShoreTel Mobility Application

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    Features of ShoreTel Mobility

    ShoreTel Mobility offers users a host of features that allow them to communicate how they want, when they want and where they want, with:

  • Peer to peer video chat
  • Instant messaging
  • Full contact and calender integration
  • Seamlessly switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi for voice calls
  • Encryption used on all communication to keep your data safe
  • Built in VPN client
  • Benefits of ShoreTel Mobility

    Thanks to all of the features that ShoreTel Mobility offers, your business can expect to see:

  • Lower costs thanks to calls using VoIP over
    Wi-Fi and Cellular data
  • Improved employee efficiency through access to their office contacts and number at all times
  • "Dual Persona" separates business and personal calls, keeping personal numbers safe